Welcome to Historic Lahaina Town

Welcome to Lahaina a vibrant local town where old meets new!  Voted both an excellent town for pedestrians and historical buffs alike the town is centered around the famed Lahaina Banyan Tree on Front St.  Settled on a whole street block it sits right alongside Lahaina Harbor and a host of other historical sites.  Once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, it is apparent why the ancient Chiefs chose this location for its protected year-round dry and sunny climate.  The self-guided Lahaina Historical Trail is an excellent way to spend a leisurely day walking in the footsteps of former residents.  Including 62 different sites you can design an itinerary to best suit your interests and schedule.


Ancient Hawaiian History…




Historical Sites:

  • Baldwin House
  • The Prison
  • The Library
  • Jodo Mission
  • Wo Hing Museum
  • The Courthouse
  • Hale Aloha
  • Hale Pa’i
  • Hale Pa’ahao
  • Master’s Reading Room
  • Lighthouse
  • Seaman’s Hospital
  • Kamehameha Iki Park

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